Hand Lettering Class

Updated: Jan 18

So often painters come into our studio and want to write a pretty word or quote on their project but aren't sure how to go about it! Our artists are always happy to paint your words on for you (for a reasonable artist fee), but painting it yourself isn't as hard as you might think. We invite you to come and learn with us during our Hand Lettering Class.

I gathered some of my staff that do less (none) of the custom pieces to try and improve their lettering technique with my lettering guide. I was surprised at the improvement I saw in them! They were all surprised at how much like their own handwriting the "pretty words" really could be. Even my most reluctant employee produced the most beautiful "A" she's ever drawn! It was a lot of fun and they all left more confident in their ability to pick up a new artistic skill.

We all scroll through Pinterest (or maybe even @allfireduptuscaloosa Instagram feed) and see projects that we want to paint for ourselves. There's something so satisfying about completing a project on your own from start to finish. And those of you with little ones - how sweet is it to have their hand or footprints on a piece with mom's beautiful handwriting?! That is something you will treasure forever.

Our Hand Lettering Class is the perfect place to face your lettering fears! I will be there to help you along the way. My presentation and lettering guide (every attendee will receive a copy) will put you on the right track to finishing your own project. You will also receive a practice guide to take with you after the class. Practice makes perfect! You will try a little on your practice guide before you take it to the plate. You will learn skills that will be applicable to many projects in the future - ceramic or anything else you might want to letter on!

During our Hand Lettering Class, we will start by painting a background onto your provided salad plate with my guidance. While the plate is drying, we will then go over the basics of hand lettering - composition and planning, how to hold your brush, shape your letters, and the correct pressure to use. You will plan out what we want to write on your plate, come up with a fun composition, practice on paper, then we will paint your plate! My goal for this class is to make you feel more comfortable and less intimated while creating your own beautiful projects. Your first try may not be perfect, but I believe you will be surprised at what you can do with a little guidance and practice! So, if you have ever looked at a plate in our studio or a project online and thought, "I wish I could do that." Then this class is for you! Lettering is my absolute favorite thing, and I can't wait to share it with you all. Get your tickets now, right here on a website.

Just to review, our class includes:

- Salad plate

- Lettering guide & practice sheet

- Lettering paintbrush

- Help and guidance from me - All Fired Up's custom artist!

It is on January 26th at 3pm, $30 all inclusive. Ages 16+


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