Love Bird Special

Updated: Feb 12

Love is in the air this February at All Fired Up! We've all been excited about Valentine's Day since Christmas ended; we love all the romance and spent many months figuring out what would be the best Date Night experience for all of you would be. Painting, of course, is the activity of choice. But what could make it more of an experience? Snacks are always a fan favorite at our events - chocolate is a staple. But what could send this event over the top? Sure, cute little plastic hearts for table ambiance is golden. Candles, of course. Flowers and tablecloths - easy! But we decided to ask one of our awesome employees, Reagan Payne, who used to play at restaurants in her hometown, to dust off the old six-string and start prepping a setlist for this Valentine Celebration. She will play soft hits from the corner of the studio to guide your night of painting along; acoustic renditions from artists like Harry Styles to Etta James. Let the soft music and candle light soothe you and take your mind off of everyday stressors. Focus on painting and your loved one sitting across the table from you. This is a perfect time to unplug, unwind, and relax. We also decided that we wanted to include a special gift to everyone who comes to this event. And what shows appreciation more than a handmade gift? So, we ordered these adorable Love Bird sets, and we started with light, pretty colors for the background. Watercolor on pottery is one of my favorite techniques. Honestly, you can't mess it up as long as your colors go together. Several members of our staff got to sit down and enjoy some time painting together. Then, I painted cute sayings or hearts on all the birds and we splattered them using toothbrushes! Another fun and easy technique we would love to show you. A lot of love and energy went into these birds, and we can't wait for you to pick one out to take home! So, forget the movies. Don't spend two hours in the dark, staring at a screen, not talking to each other. Skip the crowded restaurant. Do something creative and relaxing! Paint pottery!

Get your ticket here: (and use a coupon code to get 20% off! lovebirds for February 14th reservation, lovebirds1 for February 15th reservation)


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