NEW: Handprint Parties!

We are now offering a new and exciting way to get those little prints - Handprint Parties!

We will pack up our plates, platters, glazes, and supplies and bring it all right to your home. You provide friends (and maybe some snacks!) and we do the rest! We would love to join your Small Group or family gathering. We will bring photos and samples to choose from, as well as several plate and platter options. We'll also have smaller add-ons like mugs and ornaments! It's the perfect way to get all those grandparent gifts knocked out in one night. We have samples for every holiday - Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. There are also plenty of generic ones that can be displayed all year long! We will help you pick out which pieces you want and the designs, which are easily customizable. Maybe you want a pink Santa hat instead of red? No problem! Or you need a new serving platter that matches the colors in your kitchen? We've got you covered.

All of our glaze is water-based and non-toxic, so it will wash easily off of skin, clothes, and surfaces. We have TONS of practice getting those little hands and feet pressed onto pottery! Our event staff - Anna Beth Northington (that's me!) and Shelby Castellanos have extensive experience in childcare, painting, and pottery. So basically, we are the dream team. We are very flexible and will work with you on all the details to make it as easy as possible.

So - how does it work? Well I am so glad you asked. You will email me at to book a party and I will respond quickly, because I am awesome like that. We don't charge anything to come to you, your guests will just pay for the pottery on the night of the event. We will bring plenty of pottery options and two ipads with design choices. We'll bring at least one sample as well, so you and your guests can see the great quality of our pieces in person. And I promise - they will be impressed. If you have any specific requests, like mugs or cookie jars or tiles, be sure to let me know in your email. With at least a 2-3 weeks of notice, we can order almost anything you'd like. You'll need at least 3 participating guests (not including yourself) for us to come to you. And the more you have, the better our hostess gift to you will be! For 3-5 participating guests, you will receive one free plate or platter of your choosing. That includes the piece, the artist fee, the glazing, and firing! It is totally 100% free! If you have 6-8 participating guests, you will get one free plate or platter PLUS a free add-on, like a mug, ornament, tile, or trinket dish! For 9-11 participating guests, you will get one free plate or platter and two free add-ons! Finally, for 12+ participating guests, you will receive two free plate or platters and two free add-ons!

So, we will arrive 30-45 minutes before your party begins and set up our station - which will include a few displays, our pottery pieces, paint brushes, ipads, baby wipes, and our washable glazes. All we will need from you is one table or some counter space. As your guests arrive, we will explain how everything works and allow them to browse through our samples and photos and select what they would like. Then, with a little help from the parents, we will get all the hand, finger, and foot prints pressed down onto our the pieces. Each guest will fill our their contact information and anything specific they want on their piece. They will pay that night with cash, card, venmo, or check. We will carefully pack up all of the projects and take them back with us, and the rest of the night is yours to eat and hang out with friends or family! We will paint all the pieces, clear glaze them, and load them into one of our two kilns. When they are ready in about 1-3 weeks (depending on the time of year), we will contact you and let you know! We can deliver them back to your home for no extra charge. You will contact your party guests and arrange pick-ups.

We have been doing handprint customs for so long, and it is definitely one of my absolute favorites. Babies are only small for such a short amount of time, and it is such a wonderful way to capture that precious time. Our pieces are long-lasting and will be cherished by your and your family members for years and years. We do not use cheap plaster or acrylic paints - all of our pieces are glazed and kiln-fired to over 1800 degrees, making them food safe. They are dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand-washing to extend the lifespan of the glaze. This is a super easy and fun party, and a great excuse to get your friends together. We are so excited to launch this new extension of business, and we know you will love it!


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