The One Where They Paint Pottery

Friends is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and we thought a theme night would be an awesome way to celebrate! This event will be held on November 1st from 5pm-8pm, and it is $7 plus the price of pottery. We will have fun themed snacks (I promise none of Rachel’s trifle) and coffee! I had so much fun finding fun names for the snacks, I think you guys will really appreciate them. We will also have a photo booth area with props. I ordered an inflatable lobster and it is really stinkin' cute. We are going to have so much fun taking y'all's pictures with it!

My favorite episodes of Friends are the ones when Rachel is working at Central Perk; they are truly iconic. So of course, we are painting a Central Perk mug as a sample, it will be super easy to copy for you on the night of the event, we will have logos printed out with tracing paper ready to go!

I also finished up a “Friends” plate – it was one that is a lot easier than it looks. I just traced the silhouette on and filled it in with a fun writer bottle. I painted the drips across the top with a small round brush, penciled on "Friends," and "I'll be there for you." I did "Friends" with a paintbrush and "I'll be there for you" with a fun writer bottle. Don't like your handwriting? We can print and trace the words too!

We will also have some lobster mugs; Shelby painted this sample and it is the cutest thing EVER! I know we will see some awesome lobsters coming out of the kiln. The little heart on the back is my favorite. It says "you're my lobster!" on the back in pink! I have never been a big pink fan, but this mug proved me wrong. It goes perfectly with the blue mug. Also a great tip - adding little white dots in the eyes makes EVERYTHING with a face cuter. Animals, princesses, santas, you name it. Try using a tiny brush or a toothpick!

This one was so much fun to paint! I used sticker paper to print and cut out the frame. I stick it down, then used a straw and very watered down purple paint to paint the background. I just picked up some water with the straw, and blew it around. I used a darker purple to splatter the mug, paint the inside, and the handle. I peeled off the sticker and filled in with yellow. I added the details and the outlining and done!

Using black glaze on bare bisque... it's magical. Trust me on this. It's super relaxing and looks so smooth and glossy. I LOVE when I get to paint black words on a bare piece. So naturally this piece was a blast! I just sketched it out with pencil, and traced it with a paintbrush. We could also print out a font for you to trace for this one, but I think having your own handwriting on a piece is so fun and personal. So don't be scared, grab a pencil and give it a try! Our staff would love to give you some lettering tips and tricks.

We are so excited about this event, and I hope you all can tell the love and work that is being put into it! If you join us on Friends Night, you are automatically our best friend. Congratulations. So go buy your ticket before we are all sold out!

Comment your favorite Friend's quote below!!!


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