Walk-in Painting


Tuesday-Sunday: 12pm-7pm

Monday: closed


Prices are on the bottom of the item. This price includes the pottery, underglazes, use of brushes and supplies, studio time, kiln-firing, and help from our staff.  We do not charge studio fees!


We have supplies & tricks to make anyone feel like an artist!

We have a staff member in the studio to help you create a project you will love. 


The pottery usually takes about one week to get back when you are finished painting

We can get items out on "rush" for an additional fee. We do not ship but we can provide boxes and packing materials. If you cannot complete your project on the first day, we have an “In-Progress Shelf” where we can safely store your pottery for up to 30 days at no extra charge. 


Last day to paint: January 21st

Last day to pick up: January 27th

How it Works

Step one: pick your piece. 

We have lots of different items to choose from including plates and platters, mugs, banks, and much more.

Step two: decide on a design. 

We have painted samples all around the studio, and feel free to ask a staff member for ideas and suggestions, or even check out our Pinterest!

Step three: let us pour your glaze. 

We have about 70 colors to choose from; our staff member will help you pick & pour your glaze.  We have plenty of tips and tricks to make your piece stand out!

Step four: Paint your piece and relax! 

We do not charge an hourly studio fee, so take as much time as you need to create your masterpiece.

Step five: Pay for your project and leave it with us. 

We will hand-dip your piece into a clear glaze and load it into one of our three kilns.  This will make it bright and shiny, as well as food safe! Don't worry, you masterpiece is in good hands.

Step six: You will be texted when your project is ready. 

It usually takes about a week; it may vary slightly depending on how busy the studio has been. 

Step seven: Take your piece home.

Show it off to all your friends and family. If you post it on social media be sure to tag us @allfireduptuscaloosa!  We ask that you pick your project up within 30 days of being notified.